haven alphas nina laura mennell syfy 'Haven' Season 5: 'Alphas' Laura Mennell to recur as an epidemiologist

“Haven” Season 5 has cast “Alphas” star Laura Mennell to play the recurring role of an epidemiologist who visits Haven from the CDC.

Best known for playing Nina — a woman with the power of suggestion — on “Alphas,” Mennell’s scientist character of Dr. Erin Reid will come to Haven due to a possible viral outbreak. It seems that Troubled people in the strange Maine town possess a genetic marker that others do not share.

Considering that Troubles on “Haven” have always been described as running in families, a genetic component may not be a huge stretch. But does this mean that science could cure the Troubles once and for all?

In addition to her role on “Alphas,” Mennell has appeared all over Syfy — on “Eureka,” “Stargate,” “Sanctuary,” and more — as well as on shows like “Supernatural” and “Motive.” “Haven” Season 5 is currently in production in Nova Scotia.

Posted by:Laurel Brown