It’s time to share an unpopular opinion: I love the character of William on “Haven,” and I think his presence is one of the best things to happen to this show in years.

You may commence with the stoning. Alternatively, keep reading to find out why I think “Haven” would benefit from as much Colin Ferguson as it can get.

Let’s meet William

Until the beginning of “Haven” Season 4, viewers didn’t have even an inkling of a man named William. No matter what strangeness occurred in the real world or in the mysterious barn, William wasn’t a part of it. We didn’t need him.

But now William has emerged. That seemingly friendly and helpful Barn fellow who likes microbrews and who can chase off bad guys (but who isn’t a cop) has — in a few short episodes — become absolutely indispensible to the mythology of “Haven.”

He alone knows the details of Audrey’s past. William is the only person who has ever been even a little bit like Audrey. Heck, he’s physically connected to the woman. Even if William is lying about almost everything, this is an important figure in the show’s world.

We need to keep him around. Why?

Villains are important.

Leaving aside the whole “kill William and Audrey dies” issue, the best justification for keeping William is simple: “Haven” works best with an enemy.

Sure, there are still struggles in the town of Haven when no bad guys are around. The Troubles keep life interesting every day in a town that’s faced earthquakes, meteor showers and a bunch of far weirder things. But, while you can fight a Trouble, it’s rather hard to focus your anger on what is essentially a disability.

Villains are another story. And “Haven” has always had villains. Reverend Driscoll satisfied that role beautifully for most of the first two seasons, while the Bolt-Gun Killer (later revealed to be Arla) followed in Season 3. Whenever these baddies showed up on screen, the stakes grew. A Trouble can’t easily kill Audrey, after all — but a person with a weapon is always a threat.

With William, we get a whole new level of villain. Unlike previous bad guys, who were unrelentingly antagonistic, William entered into the world of “Haven” as a friend. He was a helpful, smiling man who offered answers to Audrey’s many questions.

And then — smile unaltered — William became a villain. As compelling as the man was before, villainy has just heightened his importance. No matter what happens, the heroes of “Haven” always have a target.

Audrey needs this.

The woman most often known as Audrey on “Haven” has a rather unbelievable identity problem. Four separate personalities and lives have been hers over at least a 60-year period, but none of them are real. Only William has any clues to the truth underlying Audrey Parker.

It may be distressing and it may cause nothing but problems and heartache in the short term, but the truth does set you free — even on television.

Colin Ferguson

Search your heart and answer truthfully: Do you really want to say goodbye to Colin Ferguson on “Haven”? Bad guy or not, the guy is awesome.

“Haven” airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

Posted by:Laurel Brown