hawaii five 0 kidnapping cleveland 'Hawaii Five 0': Kidnapping episode parallels real life Cleveland caseMonday’s (May 6) episode of “Hawaii Five-0” featured a story line that played out with uncanny parallels to events unfolding in real life.

The episode, “Ho’ opio,” centered on the discovery of a teenage girl’s body, and the subsequent information that she had been abducted 10 years earlier. It aired just as national news was picking up the story of the three women who escaped from their abductors in Cleveland after a decade.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer posted its first story on the abduction just after 7 p.m. ET Monday. Cable news networks picked it up soon afterward, and the story dominated coverage for the rest of the night.

The story did not, however, cause the broadcast networks to interrupt their prime-time coverage. CBS aired the “Five-0” episode (which was based in part on a real abduction case in Hawaii in the 1980s). Guest stars Henry Rollins and Mare Winningham played a couple who had been holding a girl captive for 10 years and claiming she was their daughter in order to collect extra welfare benefits.

The outcome in Cleveland was obviously different — the three women all made it out safely — so the episode stands as a very odd instance of art imitating life.

Did you watch “Hawaii Five-0” this week? What did you think of the parallels to the news unfolding in Cleveland?

Posted by:Rick Porter