five 0 james marsters retur 'Hawaii Five 0' preview: Look who's backChristmastime in Hawaii: Sun, sand, lights strung up on palm trees — and, of course, guys with explosive devices clamped around their necks.

That last bit of holiday imagery comes courtesy of “Hawaii Five-0,” which on Monday (Dec. 13) will welcome back a nemesis from earlier in the season and place a member of the team in serious jeopardy.

The episode is called “Hana ‘a’a Makehewa” (per CBS, that’s Hawaiian for “Desperate Measures”). Five-0 is called in to a hostage situation, during which Victor Hesse (returning guest James Marsters) resurfaces — looking not even a little bit dead after getting beat up by McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and taking a tumble into the water in the series premiere.

The team member in jeopardy, as you can see in the preview below, is Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim), who somehow winds up with a bomb strapped to his body.

The question for us now is not whether Chin Ho will escape — otherwise “Hawaii Five-0” will have taken a seriously dark turn — but what Hesse’s return means. With “Caprica” having been canceled, Marsters is presumably freer to continue his role on “Five-0” if the show’s writers desire. Is he working on his own, or is he in league with the yet unseen Wo Fat (future guest star Mark Dacascos)?

The show hasn’t really circled back to the events of the pilot or the contents of the toolbox McGarrett’s dad left him. We’re hoping Hesse’s return can lead to some more exploration of that story.

Here’s the preview for Monday’s episode:

Posted by:Rick Porter