hawaii five 0 season 3 twitpic 'Hawaii Five 0' Season 3: The gang's all here ... right?Behold one of the first (unofficial) images from Season 3 of “Hawaii Five-0.” It comes from Daniel Dae Kim, who shared the photo with his 74,000-plus Twitter followers early Friday (July 13).

“Family portrait. 1st #H50 pick of season 3,” Kim writes.

But you’ll recall at the end of last season, Kim’s Chin Ho Kelly had to make a Sophie’s choice between saving his wife, Malia, (Reiko Aylesworth) and his cousin Kono (Grace Park). It turned out to be a false choice, and the last we saw of Kono, she was being pushed over the side of a boat.

But there’s Park with Kim, Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin, and she’s apparently ready for some pretty heavy gunplay, given all the clips strapped to her chest. So what gives? Kim isn’t saying one way or the other.

“People are assuming Kono lives because she happens to be in the picture? Interesting …,” Kim writes in a follow-up tweet.

The odds and the off-camera realities of TV production say Kono will probably survive, but you’ll be able to see for sure when “Hawaii Five-0” begins its third season on Sept. 24.

Posted by:Rick Porter