The first teaser for Season 2 of “Hawaii Five-0” certainly has the dramatic voiceover down: “Last season, their team was wiped out. Now … one man will come … to the rescue!”

Ladies and gentlemen, meet that one man. The star of the 30-second promo is not Alex O’Loughlin or any of the other “Five-0” regulars, but Terry O’Quinn, the former “Lost” star who begins a recurring part in the show’s season premiere.

He plays Lt. Commander Joe White, McGarrett’s (O’Loughlin) Navy SEAL training officer who comes to Hawaii to help free his former protege from jail. The teaser also features the hoped-for reunion between O’Quinn and his “Lost” co-star Daniel Dae Kim (who, we presume, has forgiven him for blowing up the Dharma sub).

And, as was the case with the pictures CBS has released from Season 2, “Five-0” isn’t making much pretense that McGarrett will be in prison very long. The trailer ends with shots of McGarrett and White chatting, and it definitely doesn’t look like they’re talking in a prison yard. (That, by the way, is totally fine with us; we all know McGarrett will be freed pretty quickly, so there’s no real point in building up false suspense.)

“Hawaii Five-0” begins its second season Monday, Sept. 19 on CBS.

What do you think of the trailer? How do you think O’Quinn will fit in with the rest of the team?

Posted by:Rick Porter