CBS is giving “Hawaii Five-0” a break for the next couple weeks. Watching this video of Kono (Grace Park) put the hurt to various bad guys (and girls) should help pass the time, though.

The show has assembled a supercut of Kono’s greatest hits, from her takedown of Sang Min’s (Will Yun Lee) minions in the series premiere through countless kicks, punches and tackles over the course of “Five-0’s” three seasons. (A personal favorite: The spin kick that knocks a fleeing perp off his motorcycle, about 45 seconds into the video.)

Park also has a sense of humor about her physical prowess. The clip starts with some misdirection about “Kono’s most touching moments,” until Park interrupts and says, “No — I meant the other kind of touching.”

“Hawaii Five-0” returns with new episodes on March 18. Until then, enjoy Kono laying the smack down on the criminal element of Oahu.

Posted by:Rick Porter