tvpartw926.jpgWhile we are not normally huge fans of remakes, we are capable of looking past the lack of Jack Lord and embracing the new Hawaii Five-0, airing Mondays on CBS. True, most of that can be directly attributed to the thought of Grace Park on the sands of Waikiki, but just hearing the names Steve McGarrett and Danno makes us smile. So if you love crime in a lush tropical setting and think grass skirts are primed for a comeback, call your friends and neighbors because we’re throwing a Hawaii Five-0 party! Be there. Aloha.

Setting the scene:
Even though Honolulu is a very cosmopolitan city with glass high-rises and bustling city streets, Hawaii itself tends to work its Polynesian roots as much as possible – if only to keep the coconut-bra manufacturers in business. So with that said, we’re going beachside-thatched-roof-hut luau station this week. Get some grass thatch roofing and panels and build a makeshift tiki bar in the middle of your living room. Add bamboo fencing around the walls and load up on the potted palm trees. You’ll want to keep the lights dim and use fake tiki torches inside (use real ones outside to line the walkway to the front door) and behind a couple of the palms have flashing police red lights – this is still a crime zone, after all. You’ll also want to ramp up the Hawaii part of this shindig by adding carved Tikis, a few surfboards, tropical flowers (the yellow hibiscus is the state flower), some macaws and a homemade volcano spewing molten cocktails. All guests are guaranteed a lei – making this the best party ever.

Grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and handcuffs.

On the menu:
It’s a luau! So, aside from the fact that you’ll need to bury a flaming pig in your backyard, this is fairly straightforward. Be sure to include island staples such as poi, pineapple and macadamia nuts.

On the hi-fi:
Arguably the coolest theme song in the history of television, the Hawaii Five-0 theme song has been covered by everyone from The Ventures to Sammy Davis Jr. Yes, it was originally an instrumental, but someone threw some words in there giving Sammy and even Don Ho a chance at recording it. Play all versions available (there are a lot).

The showstopper:
Sure, people will love the poi, but to send this party over the top you’ll need to hire a group of Hawaiian dancers to hula the night away.

Posted by:Michael Korb