hayden panettiere amanda knox Hayden Panettiere on Amanda Knox: "excited to see...a second chance at life"

The world had its eyes on Italy during the Amanda Knox appeal, but actress Hayden Panettiere had a unique perspective on the situation.

“I was on the edge of my bed, my eyes welled up when I heard the verdict…It’s difficult for me to say that I’m not excited to see a young girl get a second chance at life…I hope she makes the best of it.”

Panettiere starred in Lifetime’s “Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy” and told Access Hollywood that she developed a “certain connection” with Knox. However, she feels the story has come to a close and does not support shooting a new ending to the film.

“I think the great thing about the film was that it ended. It was so fact based that it ended when she went to jail, regardless the ending wouldn’t change.”

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