hayley kiyoko justin bieber gi Hayley Kiyoko: Justin Bieber is the real dealHayley Kiyoko is living millions of fans’ dreams.
She’s in the band, The Stunners, which opened for Justin Bieber last summer. Now she’s starring in an upcoming Disney movie, “Lemonade Mouth.”
Bieber “is cool,” Kiyoko says. “I feel like people already know who he is. He is extremely talented. It is not fabricated whatsoever. He is a very talented kid and a nice guy.”
Kiyoko played on 20 dates on the tour with Bieber.

“It was madness,” she says, but in a good way.
“We would show up to the arena at 2 o’clock and there would already be lines for a 7 o’clock concert,” she says.

In Hartford, they performed in front of 17,000 screaming fans.
“You can prepare your craft,” Kiyoko says, “but not yourself.”
She likens the craziness to Beatlemania.
“We were on the tour bus and these fans would be in the middle of the road and blocking bus from driving.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler