netflix logo HBO won't sell DVDs, Blu rays to NetflixWant to watch “Game of Thrones” on Netflix? That might get a little more difficult. The war between Netflix and the cable networks is heating up. According to The Wrap, HBO is refusing to provide the subscription service with Blu-rays and DVDs of its programs.

Not all is lost, of course. The company can still get their hands on discs by buying them from third-party distributors because of something called the First Sale doctrine, which allows companies to resell pre-recorded discs.

HBO has never allowed any of its shows to stream on Netflix and their service, HBO Go is one of the main competitors to the company. They chose not to renew a distribution deal that expired at the end of 2011 that gave the site a discount on the discs.

Netflix and the premium cable networks are fighting like cats and dogs at the moment, leading many to wonder what the future will hold. Netflix just upped the game by introducing original programming with its Kevin Spacey political thriller “House of Cards” and new episodes of the cult hit “Arrested Development.” We’ll let you know about any developments.

Posted by:jbusch