Co-stars Heather Graham and Justin Bartha felt like they were in an alternative Las Vegas “Hangover” reality this week. 
Both actors were blown away by the “Hangover” promotion in Caesar’s Palace, the hotel they shot the film in.
It’s also where they were staying to promote the new “Hangover” DVD at the wild launch party (complete with cameras for all the guests) Thursday night.

“It’s kinda cool that the film is getting into pop culture, ” Graham
told The Dish Rag. “The room keys have ‘Hangover” scenes on them. Its
just crazy here!”


“They also have “Hangover” slot machines,” Justin added.
“I heard  some groups of guys in the lobby say they are here for their own “Hangover” weekend, Heather jumped in. “I was like, you really want to emulate that?”
 Heather Graham's most embarrassing hangover: 'I fainted while dancing."
Graham admits she had one personal “Hangover” experience. Only one? 
“I’m such a lightweight but i had this one time where I fainted while dancing in front of a bunch of people. It was really embarrassing.”
As for Justin, he’s planning his own personal hangover on New Year’s Day, when in fact, NBC Universal is planning a special “Hangover Day.”
I’ll be celebrating and I’ll be hung over,” Justin admitted.
You will not be alone, Justin.
“The Hangover” DVD (Also on Blue Ray) with an un-rated cut arrives in stores December 15th from Warner Home Video.  
If you haven’t seen Todd Phillips’ racous comedy about three groomsmen who must retrace their steps from an insane night to find their friend, the missing groom, it’s a must-buy. 
And even if you have seen it, it’s worth buying for the Un-rated longer version. This contains seven additional minutes of hilarious content.
Extras include a gag reel, the Dan Band, an long unseen improv from Ken Jeong, and more photos from the “missing camera.”  
Sadly, no footage exists of Graham’s fainting spell.
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