heather locklear chest getty Heather Locklear pic sparks plastic surgery questions, just shy of 50th birthday

Confession: Heather Locklear‘s chest is not something we pay particularly close attention to.

But we are apparently in the minority, because a few snapped photos of the 49-year-old actress at a Aug. 4 charity dinner in London have ignited rumors that she may have had breast-enlargement surgery.

On the arm of longtime boyfriend Jack Wagner at the party thrown by friend Samuel L. Jackson, Locklear’s little black dress continues to be getting attention several days after the event. And why not? With her 50th birthday on Sept. 25, the former “Melrose Place” star looks pretty fantastic.

Locklear has never admitted to having any plastic surgery, nor has she ever publicly ruled out the possibility.

“I think [plastic surgery] is great,” she admitted in an interview on “Live With Regis and Kelly” earlier in 2011. “Especially since I’m at an age now where all my friends talk about it… No one’s done it yet, but it’s all they talk about.”

“Sometimes I look at this,” she added, gesturing to her chin. “I think it would be scary, but hey, I’m not against it at all. At all.”

There’s another incriminating photo of Locklear’s London trip over at CBS News.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell