Heather Mills.jpgHeather Mills, the former model who was once married to Beatle Paul McCartney testified Thursday (Feb. 9) that her phone had been hacked by a U.K. journalist. Mills said dozens of messages between her and McCartney were
intercepted by a journalist working for the Trinity

She claims this happened back in 2001, when they were still dating. After a fight, she says that McCartney called her repeatedly. “There were about 25 messages, all asking for forgiveness, (asking:)
‘Would I come back?'” Mills says. “One of them said: ‘Please forgive
me,’ and he sang a little ditty of one of his songs into the voicemail.”

She says she thought it was strange that the messages were listed as having
been listened to before she heard them, but says she didn’t think much about it until the journalist called her up with details of the fight. “I said: ‘There’s no way that you could know that unless
you have been listening to my messages,'” she testifies. “And he
laughed.” Oh, that is seriously creepy. 

The whole thing is part of the Piers Morgan News of the World scandal. The unnamed reporter was a former employee from the
Trinity Mirror Group though not from the Daily Mirror, one of the
group’s papers, which Morgan edited from 1995 to 2004.

Morgan reportedly implied that Mills had played the recording for him. Asked if she had ever made a recording of McCartney’s call or had
played it to Morgan herself, Mills said: “Never.”

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