heather mills mutton Heather Mills wears skintight shorts: Fab or flop?

Can you say “Desperate Ex-Housewives?” Heather Mills, Paul McCartney‘s gold digger, oops, ex-wife, turned up at a “Street Dance 3D” (not to be confused with “Step Up 3-D”) premiere in London this week wearing a Carey Mulligan pixie cut, embarrassingly tight gray hot pants and thigh-high stretchy stiletto black boots.


The British papers had a field day with her fashion choices, one calling her “mutton dressed as lamb,” a sly way of saying she is too old to be dressing like a teenage tart. Guys, she’s only 42. If you want to see some serious age-related fashion errors, come to Hollywood. This is London politely suggested she have “a serious talk with her stylist.”

What do you think? Is Heather dressed too hip? Or can she carry it off? And no, we can’t tell which leg it is either.
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead