heather morris aug 2011 gi Heather Morris: 'Glee' star's photo shoot with Tyler Shields attracts controversyThe latest controversy over a “Glee” cast member’s participation in a photo shoot doesn’t revolve around whether the pictures are too sexy. Instead, some new portraits of Heather Morris are raising questions about whether they glamorize violence against women.

Morris, who plays Brittany on “Glee,” posed for photographer Tyler Shields in a series of shots in which she’s dressed up in 1950s TV-housewife garb — and has a big shiner under her left eye. (You can see the pics on Shields’ website.) A number of commenters have taken issue with Shields for, as they see it, glorifying domestic abuse. About an equal number are defending the pictures.

For his part, Shields says in a bit of text accompanying the photos that he’s exploring the idea that “Even Barbie bruises.” The final shot of the sequence has Morris in the power position, holding an iron to Shields’ groin.

So what do you think? Do Shields’ portraits of Heather Morris cross a line, or are they within the boundaries of artistic expression?

Posted by:Rick Porter