heavy d 300 Heavy D update: His final moments, plus his health kickAt his largest, hip-hop legend Heavy D weighed 395 pounds. When he died on Nov. 9, he tipped the scales at 344 pounds.

Though a cause of death has not been confirmed, TMZ reports that Heavy D (born Dwight Arrington Myers) may have died from a heart attack.

He was walking up stairs after returning home from a shopping trip, and a neighbor found him leaning against a railing. Heavy D said he couldn’t breathe properly.

Sources say that he did pass out on the sidewalk, but when help arrived, Heavy D was conscious and speaking. The only cause of death given so far has been “medical causes.”

Though he was known as the “overweight lover,” Heavy D is said to have been on a health kick in the final months of his life.

He had recently reevaluated his training regimen and was running daily. He attended several gyms in Hollywood, including a boxing gym and Ultra Body Fitness. He had reconnected with a trainer who helped him lose 150 pounds in 2008.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie