heidi klum hat birthday Heidi Klum celebrates 40th birthday with hat themed party

It was a very happy 40th birthday for Heidi Klum. The supermodel and new “America’s Got Talent” judge celebrated her special day in style with a hat-themed party. Klum posted photos of the part on her Twitter account, including the hat she chose to wear for the occasion. 
Heidi actually wore three hats, top hats to be specific, stacked on top of each other. She was joined by several friends, each of whom also wore a unique hat, though some were definitely a little crazier than others. 
To round out the theme, there was also a selection of hat-shaped cakes served at the party.
Klum posted a photo with her friends and all the cakes, and it looks like a good time was had by everyone there. One person who wasn’t wearing a hat for the party was Fergie, E! News reports. The pregnant singer attended the celebration, but chose to do it without headgear.
You can see the photo of Klum, her guests and the many hats and cakes below:
heidi klum hat birthday group Heidi Klum celebrates 40th birthday with hat themed party
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