seal patitz Heidi Klum warned by Seal's ex: 'He has anger issues'Remember when Seal expressed a hope that his split with Heidi Klum not get messy, for the sake of their young children? Apparently his ex, Tatjana Patitz, didn’t get the memo, because she’s gone on the record with InTouch to discuss Seal‘s anger issues and infidelity.

For the record, Patitz dated Seal 15 years ago for less than a year.

“He is not a nice person,” she tells the mag, by way of warning Heidi not to get back together with him. “He has anger issues. He’s definitely not someone whom I think fondly of now.”

According to the magazine, Patitz tells Heidi, “Don’t believe a word he says.” She alleges that Seal cheated on her (he’s admitted to infidelity in prior relationships).

Basically, Patitz thinks Heidi should stay far from her estranged hubby. “There are children involved,” she adds.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie