spencer pratt heidi montag vegas Heidi Montag fires manager Spencer Pratt, hires psychic Aiden ChaseHeidi Montag has finally fired Spencer Pratt as her manager. Can we get an amen?

Spencer has been Heidi’s manager since she was 18. That’s five years of being guided by Svengali Spencer. But here’s the best part. Heidi ditched him and hired a Malibu psychic healer to manage her career.

“After the incredible experiences I have had healing my life and truly connecting to my dreams with healer intuitive Aiden Chase, I have officially asked him to become my manager,” Montag tells People. “Having an intuitive psychic leading my team gives me an edge no one else has.”

That’s one way of putting it.

]]> “No longer is my husband the face of my business or managing my career,” she adds. “I am going to have Aiden Chase help manage my new life and career in a very different and positive way with light and love. The time for change is now. Never mix business and pleasure. We are no longer Speidi but Spencer and Heidi.” The couple will remain married. For now. We can’t help but think that Spencer may be danger of being eliminated from Heidi’s life completely, now that she’s clearing  “all the negative energy in my life.” She is planning a new Ron Howard-related project and a feature film comedy, and will appear on “The Tonight Show” next week. We checked out Chase’s website (a healing session costs $195, a psychic reading is $175)  to find out more about his methods that include a laying on of hands, angelic forces of light and love, ancient Native American spirit healers; ancestors and passed-on family members,  energetic calibration, sacred rocks, crystals, touch, sound, aroma and music.
 You can listen to his healing meditations here. This guy does it all. Did you miss Heidi’s hilarious funnyordie.com political video? If the psychic told her to do that, we say thumbs up.

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