heidi montag dead Heidi Montag 'had too much Demerol, like Michael Jackson,' almost died

“I almost died after my procedure,” Heidi Montag tells Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.
“I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did and my breathing was five breaths per minute which is like, almost dead.”
One of Heidi’s security guys used to be an EMT and he timed my breath on his watch and called the nurses, who put oxygen on my face and called my plastic surgeon to come in for an emergency. 
Well, there’s a ringing endorsement for having plastic surgery.


Two months after the surgery, Heidi admits that moving her face is difficult. In fact, when she tries, it doesn’t move at all. Which is one of the reasons why she’s speaking so slowly and softly post surgery.
“I’m starting to move my face more and more,” Heidi said. ‘[But,] I feel very plastic…”
Even Bush admits he could not recognize Heidi. When he asks if having surgery to correct what God had created, the staunch Christian reminded Billy that God created Dr. Frank Ryan, too.
You have to hand it to the girl. There’s no end to Heidi’s innate powers of rationalization.

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Photo credits: Access Hollywood 

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead