Who better than Heidi Montag to advise us on the financial dangers of
credit card usage, even for something as important as plastic surgery.

surprisingly hot in Funny or Die‘s newest consumer protection video,
Heidi cautions, “If you’re a reality TV star, there’s a good chance
you’ll end up
having plastic surgery.” She warns that with interest rates,
“that $11,000 jawline may cost you $50,000.”

]]><![CDATA[She, of course, got all her plastic surgery for free. But no matter.

Then she gets
emotional. Kind of. Being in debt for elective surgery is bad enough, she says.
But the thought of average families having to use their credits cards
to buy groceries “is enough to make me want to cry without moving my new face.”

She makes fun of herself by repeatedly trying to smile, refusing to talk to LC and she ends up in a bubble bath with images of Chris Dodd and Richard Shelby of the Senate Banking Committee.

Heidi’s ten plastic surgeries may actually give her career a boost. Did she get a comedy implant she didn’t tell us about?

And because The Dish Rag seizes any opportunity to trot out this “Access Hollywood” spoof footage because well — it never gets old or less funny. Here’s some choice Dish Rag favorites for gratuitous laughs on us. Enjoy!

Faux Billy Bush: “Heidi, start us at the top. Tell us what you’ve had done.”
Faux Heidi: “I’m not sure what he did first because I was clinically dead through most of the procedure. I actually stopped breathing like Michael Jackson.” 

Faux Billy Bush: “Heidi, I can’t help but notice that your [bleeps] are massive.”
Faux Heidi: “Yes, thank you Billy. My [bleeps] are massive.

Video credit: funnyordie.com

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead