By now, we’ve all had a chance to digest and recover from Heidi Montag’s latest: a Jane Fonda spoof done in the painful slo-mo style of our favorite naked-Gerard Butler role/Spartan epic "300."

The poofy hair, the leg warmers. Could Heidi actually understand the meaning of "lampooning"? Was this an attempt at doing something "tongue-in-cheek"?

Does. Not. Compute. (Not that it matters, really. The video is bizarre from any angle. And "Overdosin’" is the kind of fluff that doesn’t get stuck in the head.) But wasn’t it just yesterday that she and boyfriend Spencer made a very genuine effort to turn Heidi into the next Mariah Carey with a would-be sexy video for "Higher"?

The production value of "Overdosin’" is actually much better than that of "Higher," but does it win you over? Are you laughing with "The Hills" star or at her?

Or has Team Speidi worn out its welcome?

A better question: Could MTV be secretly funding this train wreck? We have yet to hear talk of a record deal for Heidi, after all…

Leave your thoughts below.

— Denise Martin

Posted by:Denise Martin