Heidi Montag Playboy 500 Heidi Montag ready to bare the 'hills' for PlayboyAfter last September’s dirty, but respectable barely there bikini cover for Playboy, reports say surgically enhanced Heidi Montag 2.0 is ready to go topless.

“Heidi would love to do another [Playboy] cover,” a source “exceedingly close” to Montag told MSNBC.

]]>In Touch Weekly. “She could use the money, and she’s finally ready to pose topless, so she is negotiating with the magazine.” MSNBC reports the paycheck will be in the seven figures. Sources say Heidi wants to go the “classy” route: a naked shower scene (not cliche, at all). “She is currently speaking with [Playboy photographer] Matthew Rolston [about] a steamy, soapy, shower concept showing her boobs through the shower door,” said MSNBC’s source.

Heidi’s parents are worried about her. Can you blame them? Photo credit:WireImage

Posted by:Jethro Nededog