Actorspen_mathe_56160698_600 Heidi Montag‘s mom told Us Weekly that she thinks Spencer Pratt may have drugged her daughter for their quickie marriage in Cabo San Lucas.

Naturally, Ryan Seacrest wanted to get the poop from Pratt.

So the 102.7 KISS-FM radio host called Spencer and asked if he’d planned to marry Heidi on their Cabo trip.

"No, it was totally spur of the moment," a sleepy-sounding Spencer said, adding that he would have stepped up his ring game had he planned it.

He says they used $8 rings bought from a street vendor.

Frankly, I kinda believe him about it being unplanned.

If he’d planned the wedding, wouldn’t he also have alerted the media? What do you think?

"Were there margaritas involved?," asked Ryan.

Find out how many after the jump….

]]>"Yes," admits Spencer of the margaritas.

Aha! We knew it! Heidi was probably over her legal vow-saying limit. Didn’t the minister think to give her a breathilizer test?

But Pratt says there were also sunsets, probably romantic long walks on the beach holding hands too.

Excuse me, I’m feeling suddenly queasy.

Spencer hasn’t heard the pregnancy rumors. But he scoffed at them. And to Heidi’s mom’s statement about him drugging her, he said, "she’s just acting crazy because she wasn’t there."

And to her statement that she gives the marriage six months? "I can’t wait to prove her wrong."

Apparently, the you-know-what hit the fan when they filmed an episode of "The Hills" this week. Spencer calls it "the most insane day of my life."

Hoo, boy. Can’t wait to see that one.

As for spending the Christmas holiday with Heidi’s disapproving mom, Spencer told Ryan that he and Heidi may get their own Christmas tree. So there!

But Spencer, think of the presents you’ll miss! You guys just gotta go!

Listen to the whole Ryan Seacrest interview here.

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