aiden chase2 Heidi Montag's new psychic/manager Aiden Chase talks to dead celebritiesHeidi Montag‘s new psychic/manager talks to dead people. Including — naturally — dead famous people.

And one of them just happens to be Gene Kelly.

“He represented himself to me about a year ago,” Aiden Chase tells People. “I kind of got a picture in my head of him. One of my iPods just switched to different songs, which is an interesting paranormal phenomenon, and on came a song from ‘An American in Paris.’

“I was like: ‘Oh. I listened and paid attention,’ and he goes, ‘Hey,
brother boy, this is Gene Kelly, I’m here to help you.’ … Ever since
he whispers in my ear a little help. It’s really an amazing, cool and
beautiful thing.”

]]>Judy Garland. And we have to wonder if it’s remotely possible that his iPod was simply on shuffle.

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Photo: Aiden Chase website

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead