heidi shauna Heidi Montag's parents are worried about her. Can you blame them?

Heidi Montag‘s parents are apoplectic over her recent 10 plastic surgery procedures.
Her father says he has “concerns” over his daughter’s welfare.
“Obviously, every parent has concerns,” Bill Montag, but he’s remaining silent about the news frenzy surrounding his daughter’s major makeover.

]]>“I have promised Heidi that I will not openly speak about the situation,” he tells Radaronline.com. Meanwhile, People reports that Heidi’s mother is horrified at her daughter’s multiple surgeries splattered all over the news.

“I still can’t believe I’m 23 and Mom is reacting this way. I’m nervous to go home and face her — especially with cameras rolling,” Heidi tells the magazine.
Maybe they just don’t want their daughter to end up looking unrecognizable. Or worse, like Shauna Sand Lamaz, which is a frighteningly real possibility.
Heidi’s only one Mystic Tan and some drug store makeup away from looking like Shauna’s younger sister.