Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Speidi split lie Heidi Montag's sister, Holly Montag, says Speidi split is a lieIt’s no secret Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are experts when it comes to keeping their names in the media. Heidi’s over-the-top plastic surgery, sexual harassment claims against “The Hills'” creator and most recently the news that Speidi is no more are just a few examples.

Our pal at Hills Freak, a blog dedicated to the MTV Show, tipped us off on a tweet exchange from Heidi’s sister, Holly Montag.

]]>When a fan tweeted Holly, “I really hope Heidi is getting away from Spencer,” she replied. “She’s not,” Holly tweeted. “If anyone has come to expect anything from those two is that THEY are the LIARS.” Could Holly be right? Is it a coincidence that soon after the announcement, Heidi would start campaigning to her followers that they should follow her BFF and new roommate, Jennifer Bunney? And soon after, they would both announce a reality show they’ll be shooting this summer together? It’s clear on-screen and off that Heidi and her sister, Holly, have been on the outs for a long time. So, Holly’s tweet may just be sour grapes against her estranged sister. Although, Speidi’s history of media manipulation would seem to give Holly’s tweet some credence. Do you think the Speidi split was manufactured to cause buzz around Heidi and Jennifer’s reality show? Follow Zap2it and TheRealJethro on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz.

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Posted by:Jethro Nededog