Heidi Pratt refused to confirm her Playboy spread to Ryan Seacrest this morning.

But when Seacrest asked what Jesus would think of a Playboy spread, she got all philosophical.

“I think God made humans naked. We were not even born with clothes. The body is a beautiful thing. I would love to do a lot of things in the future, and Playboy would be definitely, like be an honor.”

OK. But count on Spencer to spill the beans.


“If she did have a Playboy that was dropping on August 15, the day after my birthday, I would go get a copy."

Of his cover-negotiating skills, he added: “If it was a cover, I would be on the phone with Hugh Hefner every day to make sure it was to Hef’s standards.”

What’s next for Heidi?

“What if my beautiful pop star was performing on August 21 on  the "Miss Universe Pageant" on NBC? Spencer asked Seacrest hypothetically. Yeah, what if?

Will you check out Heidi in "Playboy" and watch her sing on the Miss Universe telecast?

For God's sake, why?

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Photo credit: FilmMagic