Here’s something you don’t see every day. A googly-eyed opossum, originally spotted in North Carolina, is making waves worldwide as an internet sensation. 
Named Heidi, the marsupial was picked up by wildlife officers in the U.S. and has since been shipped off to Germany, where she will debut as the main attraction in a tropical zoo exhibit. 
She’s become an internet sensation due to her, um, cute condition. Personally, it makes us slightly uncomfortable and feel compelled to categorize it as creepy instead. 
Either way, those German’s sure do love their zoo creatures. Heidi joins the ranks of Paul the psychic octopus and Knut the polar bear, who have both achieved David Hasselhoff levels of fame.
There’s already an oddly catchy song dedicated to the opossum and a stuffed animal in the works.
And, like all good celebrities, she has a less-famous sibling (unfortunately, squinting is not nearly as exciting as crossing ones eyes).

You can see NBC’s coverage of the famed critter above. What do you think, cute or creepy?
Posted by:Sophie Schillaci