Luke Goss — who played Prince Nuada in “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” — was blown away to be nominated for Best Villain and Best Fight Scene at tonight's MTV Movie Awards

But he was also content not to win either category. "I don't want to win. I'm happy to be here," he said with a laugh. And the laid-back actor had fun catching with his pal "Twilight" and "New Moon" star Kellan Lutz on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. 

Afterward, Goss confessed that his favorite WTF moment in movies this year was "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" full-on nude view of Jason Segel.

"The 'Sarah Marshall' moment was very disturbing for a straight man to see another man naked, with full frontal nudity," he confessed. "It was distressing but I got over it with some therapy."

Why do we have a feeling this is not the last we'll see of this sweet (and funny) British hunk on Hollywood's red carpets?

Check out his roster of upcoming movies: "El Dorado," "Tekkan," "The Throwaways" and "Extinction."

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead