Helen Mirren is the new spokeswoman for the Wii Fit in the United Kingdom and Australia, and while we’re sure she’s enjoying the exercise program, she also has to be liking the payday she got from the game’s maker.

According to MSN UK, the Oscar-winning actress was paid half a million pounds — close to $800,000 — for two days of work filming a series of ads for the Wii. A longer clip of Mirren extolling the Wii Fit’s virtues is up above, during which she offers up this gem:

“I find exercise is a bit like meeting an old lover. You’re really glad to see him, and you get tired of him really quickly, and you remember why you didn’t like him in the first place. … With the Wii it’s like having a new lover every day [laughs]. What could be better for a girl?”

A daily workout involving yoga, strength training and cardio on the Wii Fit, maybe? We’re guessing that after laying out that much cash, Nintendo would hope she’d say that.

We wish Dame Helen years of new lovers every day exercise happiness with her Wii Fit.

Posted by:Rick Porter