Senior sex symbol Helen Mirren knows who to blame for the "horrifically thin" young models who starve themselves and set a dangerously skinny standard for young women.

Women. Specifically, women magazine editors.

"I blame my own sex vehemently on this," Mirren, 62, told the Sunday Telegraph. ”It is women who run the magazines and women who editorialize and women who make the decisions."

Hear that, Anna Wintour? Are you listening, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, etc.?

The Oscar-winning actress has done her share of provocative nude scenes in her career. But she swept the 2007 awards season for her completely clothed performance of a rather matronly Queen Elizabeth in "The Queen."

So what spurred her anti-magazine editor tirade? Seems she recently took her tall teenage niece, who was curious about modeling, to a few agencies.

"She is a slim, flat-bellied and normal girl. Every modeling agency told her she would have to lose weight and I felt so, so guilty, because she really didn’t have to. When she got home I didn’t want her to feel like that."

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Photo credit: Helen had no qualms about chowing down at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Hey, doing gold Oscar-statue curls all night can give a girl an appetite.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead