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’90s supermodel Helena Christensen posed nude — and partially dressed — for a photo shoot in her New York City apartment.

The shoot for FutureClaw was photographed by Gregory Derkenne and featured Christensen’s own clothes and belongings at home. Since some of those favorite items appear to be undergarments, the semi-nakedness is explained.

“These are some of my favorite items in there, yeah,” Christensen told the magazine for her interview. “It was interesting to have to go through my own clothes for a shoot. I tend to dress in items that don’t necessarily go so well together, I like when style isn’t obvious. I always end up feeling most comfortable wearing a combination of something quirky and strange. Maybe style shouldn’t be defined but rather felt.”

Christensen appears in various stages of undress in the photos published by the magazine. A couple of the photos technically cover enough, but plenty of skin remains visible. In a photo taken atop her bed, Christensen wears nothing but dramatic underwear. She’s topless in a shot that shows her high-rise panties. And then there’s the completely naked photo in front of a shoe collection.

A top model in the 1990s, Christensen, 44, has been making a comeback recently. Her previous clients have included Victoria’s Secret and Versace.

Posted by:Laurel Brown