Proving that her portrayal of the uptight Queen of England is indeed an Oscar-worthy performance,  Helen Mirren showed her racier side at Friday’s  SBIFF awards. A montage of film clips included some of her finest cinematic nudie moments. And during the 2-hour honors, Helen picked up a large hand mike to better answer a question. Then she stared at the black foam apparatus and said, "God, this thing is so phallic," and pretended to lick it with her tongue. When the audience went crazy laughing, Mirren decried, "I didn’t do that. No one saw it. I did not do it."  That should get some male Oscar votes. She also planted a big wet one on friend and presenter William H. Macy. Ironically, her hubby Taylor Hackford, who is from Santa Barbara, wasn’t in the house. He was reportedly working. Hey, he’s been with her at every event this season, so cut him some slack. The award-winning director (remember "Ray") does have his own career, thank you very much.


Photo Credits: Helen’s grasp of her mike is positively audio-erotic. Is that a mike in your pocket or did you just like me in "The Queen?"
Rebecca Sapp/WireImage
Photo Credits: Mwah! Helen got all worked up last night. Let’s hope she didn’t slip Bill the tongue like she tried to do to her mike.
Ray Mickshaw/WireImage

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