helix season 1 finale dans lombre poll syfy 'Helix' Season 1 finale poll: What was the biggest surprise cliffhanger?

“Helix” ended its Season 1 with “Dans l’Ombre,” a sometimes confusing and often surprising finale with more than one cliffhanger.

What is Julia doing with the silver-eyed people going into Season 2? Why exactly is Alan torturing people — and does he know what Jules is up to? Who is Peter siding with these days? Will Sarah have her baby, and how weird is the kid going to be? Did Alan and the CDC stop Narvik before it killed huge portions of the population?

And who survived the explosion at the Arctic base?

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It will be awhile before “Helix” returns to answer any of these questions. So, for now, cast your vote for which of the big cliffhangers was the most surprising?

Posted by:Laurel Brown