hell on wheels amc 'Hell On Wheels' recap: Choose HateAfter the excitement of last week’s episode, things slow down this week. To celebrate their milestone achievement, Doc decides to throw a big party. Lots of senators will be in town for the event, so he tells the hookers to make themselves presentable. Everyone’s buzzing with excitement, except Cullen, of course, who doesn’t trust things that are fun. When he finds out that the Swede is bringing Harper to town to testify against him, Cullen decides to stick around instead of hightailing it. It seems like he spends most of the time scowling into the darkness, sniffing out Harper. It’s kind of not as exciting as it should be.

In other plots, the McGinnes brothers and other town merchants literally tar and feather the Swede, so fed up are they with his extorting ways. Eva is angry to learn that Elam’s desire to have her all to himself doesn’t mean he wants to marry her. At the party, she accepts an invitation to dance from (a very polite) Mr. Toole. Elam is instantly jealous, even though he has no claim on her. An emboldened Ruth asks Joseph to dance with her and it’s pretty adorable and goes by much too quickly. The Reverend doesn’t go to the party, because he’s too busy trying to bury the various parts of the cavalryman he killed last week. He does find time, though, to advise Cullen to “choose hate” and depress him with a story about how useless God is.

In the end, Cullen finally catches up to Harper, who insists he wasn’t involved in the death of Cullen’s wife. He says he can prove it, but Cullen chokes the life out of him before he can get the words out. Afterwards, Cullen finds Harper’s military discharge, showing he was out of the service before that fateful day in Meridian. Realizing he killed the wrong man, Cullen finally hauls ass out of town. A bounty of $250 is placed on his head and scene of Elam practicing with his new gun hints that he might be the one to go after Cullen. That’s for next season. In the meantime, stay tuned for the full recap.

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