hell on wheels amc 'Hell On Wheels' recap: Gettin' SomeTaking up where things left off last week, Doc and his men find Lily tending to her husband’s grave. She’s still bloody and weary when they finally escort her to town. It turns out that Robert and Doc had had some falling out; for this reason Lily has buried the maps in his grave. Doc spends most of the rest of the episode trying to find out where they are without actually seeming like it. So he’s very courteous and deferential to Lily, and she plays along. She also gets that hundred-dollar reward and secretly gives it to Joseph Black Moon, who at first refuses it but accepts it on behalf of the church.

Meanwhile, Cullen has reached the logging camp, but Sergeant Harper beats a hasty retreat. There’s a long-distance gunfight in which Cullen’s horse is wounded and has to be put out of its mystery and makes me wish it had trampled Cullen on its way out. Cullen, feeling like the big crybaby failure that he is, returns to Hell on Wheels to sulk and get drunk. In the saloon, he’s approached by the Swede, who wants him to “look the other way” while his men smuggle a few barrels of black powder from the latest shipment. To this end, he pays Cullen ten dollars, although he could have just counted on Cullen’s incompetence and saved himself the money. Cullen pays a visit to the brothel and gives the money to a young prostitute. He doesn’t even ask for a happy ending, probably because he feels like he doesn’t deserve it.

Elam has better luck, though. That tattooed lady offers him a secret rendezvous for the low, low price of a dollar. What starts out as a business transaction quickly turns into something more, as they spend some time chatting in the afterglow and learning how much they have in common.

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