hell on wheels amc 'Hell On Wheels' recap: Getting On TrackA quick Googling tells me that “timshel” is Hebrew means “thou mayest,” which I’m taking to mean “thou mayest enjoy this episode.” Because it was pretty enjoyable. How very pleasantly surprising! Picking up where things left off last week, Bohannon and the gang kill the Cheyenne dog soldiers that derailed the train last week. Joseph takes down his brother, Pawnee Killer, which just about devastates him.

The survivors return to Hell on Wheels to find various surprises awaiting them. Elam’s work has so impressed Doc that Doc decides to hire him to do some “work off the books.” This will no doubt be dirty work, but Elam is eager to continue moving up the ladder. With things looking better for him, he asks Eva to be his. Whether this means marriage or some kind of personal prostitute thing is unclear as of yet. But here’s the real surprise: Toole isn’t dead. He comes staggering back into town, claiming an angel removed the bullet from the back of his neck. Wait, no, this is the real surprise: Toole begs Elam’s forgiveness. Holy crap, right?

Cullen returns to find that Doc has hired Lily to do some survey work for him. So presumably she’s still living on her own and being Miss Independent. Just when it looks like Cullen and Lily might be getting a little cozy, Doc barges in and tells Cullen that Federal Marshals are on their way to arrest him for all those murders back east.

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