hell on wheels amc 'Hell On Wheels' recap: Plains, Trains and Credit MobilierDoc prepares to kiss major ass as Senator Crane comes to Hell on Wheels. As you may recall, Crane was the one Doc bullied into working on his behalf back in the pilot. Now he needs Crane to get him some soldiers, cut a deal with the Cheyenne and basically get him the funds he needs to make his forty-mile quota. The Swede, putting his eavesdropping skills to good use, tells Crane about Doc’s shady stock dealings in exchange for help in tracking down Sergeant Harper. Crane is downright gleeful to have turned the tables on Doc, having sold his land in Nebraska, his shares in the railroad and now threatens him with utter ruin.

Things just aren’t going Doc’s way. Many Horses and a band of Cheyenne have come to town to negotiate peace. The “negotiation” involves Doc and the Senator telling Many Horses to move his people onto a reservation or else. They can’t even comprehend why this isn’t a tempting prospect to the Indians. As talks break down, Many Horses tells them about his son’s vision. The son, who seemed much younger with body paint last week, is invited to race the train on horseback. He loses, of course, but Doc’s triumph is short-lived because Many Horses still won’t deal.

In the subplots, Lily gives the maps to Doc once she realizes how dire the situation really is. She also nearly comes to blows when she sees a Cheyenne woman wearing Robert’s hat. Because Joseph is awesome, he gets the hat back for her while also opening her eyes to their mutual tragedies. Meanwhile, Cullen is mostly in the background for the episode, but he does manage to fire Toole for being a useless jerk. Toole, all het up and looking for someone to blame, targets Elam and his tattooed lady friend. The episode ends with the two of them being dragged out of a tent and into the night. Stay tuned for the recap.

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