hell on wheels amc 'Hell On Wheels' recap: Worst Employee EverEveryone’s in a sour mood this week. Doc is in a funk because not only does it look like he’s not getting the military backup he wants, but the government is impatient to see more progress on the railroad. Elam is pissed because the prostitutes won’t do business with him and his white coworkers make more money than he does. Elam’s fellow freedmen are pissed at him when he temporarily takes over as walking boss. Joseph is feeling frustrated because his baptism means nothing to his fellow Christians, who still see him as a savage. Cullen is glum because… well, because he’s Cullen. You could give him a basket of puppies and he’d just mope about how he doesn’t deserve to smell their sweet puppy breath.

After he finds Daniel Johnson’s stash of badly Photoshopped photos and learns the name of the murderous Sergeant Harper, Cullen sets off to find him some twenty miles from Hell on Wheels. Along the way, he comes across Joseph and Lily. The “fair-haired maiden” isn’t doing well, but Cullen manages to fix up her shoulder and she’s soon on the mend. Cullen wants to be on his way, but he realizes Joseph will most likely be killed by vengeful white men if he shows up with Lily. And Cullen knows from vengeful white men. Meanwhile, the Swede has sent several of his men to look for Lily, amongst them the Weasel, who lives up to my nickname. Cullen dispatches them and returns Lily safely to camp, but turns right back around and continues his search for the sergeant. He’s already taken off more time from work than he’s actually been at work.

By the end of things, Doc is feeling slightly better, thanks to a visit to the Tent of Magic Lamps and Irish Nostalgia. He listens to the lads talk about the freedom the rail represented to them back in Dublin and comes up with a new way to rally the public behind him. Stay tuned for the full recap.

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