hellcats aly michalka tca v 'Hellcats' Aly Michalka: A new love interest, sisterly bonding, and more to comeThe final “Hellcats” episode of 2010 ended on a depressing note, with Marti (Aly Michalka) feeling alone now that the squad had turned their backs on her and Dan (Matt Barr) had hit the road to take a little hiatus from Memphis… and from Marti.

When we sat down with Michalka at the TCA Winter Press tour, she reassured us that Dan will return. “Dan’s gone for a little bit,” she says. “Not a long time. It felt like an eternity to us. He finally came back and we’re like ‘There you are!’ He’s like the sunshine in the room.”

We’re not surprised. Those eyes! That hair! Ahem.

When he returns, Marti’s got a lot to think about. Though she does want to be with Dan, she’s prioritized the Hellcats and Savannah. “It’s nothing to do with her being vindictive or wanting to take Dan away from Savannah,” Michalka says. “I think she’s torn. She’s like ‘This is my friend, who I’ve known since I was a little kid, and I’ve shared every moment with him and every memory, and yet, I have this new girlfriend who’s an incredible person, who has helped me and supported me and brought me up in the squad.'”

Still, Marti will do her best to “rekindle her friendship with Dan, if that’s possible to even salvage,” Michalka says.

As for Marti’s relationship with Lewis (Robbie Jones)… sorry, fans. “Lewis is out of the picture,” Michalka says definitively. “She kind of went to him as a weakness… I think she just found that she was much more satisfied either being by herself and handling the pressures that she was feeling by herself, or involving Dan… you’re not gonna see them, I don’t think, together again.”

There is, however, one more love interest on the horizon — Michalka says the mystery man will show up close to the end of the season. She thinks the new love interest will have to be someone who isn’t connected to the Hellcats if it has any chance of working out.

“I think it has to be something that’s not connected with her in that way, where it’s somebody who is connected to the squad, is connected to that family. It’s too personal. It becomes too much of a relationship and a bit of a business in a way because the squad does come first.”

Watch our video below for even more “Hellcats” scoop, including details on Michalka’s sister, AJ’s character and how she helps Marti learn about her father’s “dark past.” Michalka also gave us hints about Alice’s upcoming struggles, Marti’s relationship with her mom, and whether or not Julian (Gale Harold) will ever support Marti’s endeavors.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie