ashley tisdale upfronts 'Hellcats': Ashley Tisdale thinks Tom Welling is 'so cute'At the CW’s Upfronts Presentation on May 20, the network announced its official pick-up of “Hellcats,” a college cheerleading show in the vein of “Bring it On” and “Fired Up.” Zap2it caught up with star Ashley Tisdale on the red carpet to get the details on what to expect from “Hellcats” next fall.

Finally, we had to ask about working with the series’ super executive producer, “Smallville” star Tom Welling. “It’s amazing! I get to look at him every day,” she tells us. “He’s so cute. I mean, have you seen him?”

In “Hellcats,” Tisdale plays Savannah, the captain of the squad. “She’s very driven, very focused. Cheerleading’s been her whole life.” It takes Marty, the latest cheerleading recruit played by Aly Michalka, to draw Savannah out of her shell.

Though the character may sound like a revamped version of Sharpay, the “High School Musical” character Tisdale became famous for, don’t expect them to be too similar. “[Savannah’s] not a mean girl,” Tisdale says. “Sharpay was a mean girl. You think Savannah’s going to be mean, but she really actually isn’t.”

That said, Savannah doesn’t necessarily have it all together. “She’s just a little bit off,” Tisdale says. “She’s definitely off. I mean, she’s the captain of the cheerleaders. She’s a flyer up on the top of the pyramid. You have to be a little bit off to do that.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie