hellcats matt barr suit 'Hellcats' finale: Matt Barr takes us behind the scenesThe “Hellcats” season comes to a close on Tuesday night, but before we see how Marti and Savannah fare at nationals, it’s time to focus on our favorite part of the show: the boys. Matt Barr takes us backstage in these exclusive videos which they shot just for us on some downtime on set.

First, check out Barr’s trailer – yes, it’s a little empty, but that’s just because his seventeen girlfriends were on a lunch break! Seriously, though, you won’t want to miss the video with some fun dish from behind the scenes. We know you’re dying to know what kind of toothpaste “Matty B” favors for his pre-kissing scene touch-ups. “According to Ashley’s contract, I have to brush my teeth,” Barr sighs.

Barr also gives us some insight into the true star of the series: his hair. “Some people call this bedhead, but I prefer to call it freshly electrocuted,” he confirms.

Speaking of hair, Barr also gave us a peek at a side of co-star Robbie Jones we’ve never seen before… let’s just say he’s got quite the hairdo happening when he’s not playing Lewis!

Tune in Tuesday night at 9 p.m. for the Season 1 finale of “Hellcats.” We’ll find out on Thursday whether “Hellcats” returns for Season 2!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie