hellcats tisdale barr 'Hellcats': Matt Barr's big dance number sends Ashley Tisdale to the E.R.The first time we met the always swoon-worthy Matt Barr, we asked him if he’d ever join his “Hellcats” co-stars in their big, choreographed dance and cheer numbers. “I hope not!” he laughed. He may have had good reason for that comment.

In tonight’s (Nov. 17) episode, Barr’s character Dan Patch gets the chance to show off his dancing skills in Marti’s (Aly Michalka) dream sequence, performing what he refers to as “a ’50s mambo” with Michalka and co-star Ashley Tisdale. On screen, the moves go off without a hitch.

Off screen… not so much. “It wasn’t without incident,” Barr tells Zap2it. “I almost broke Ashley’s nose during one scene. We had to go to the ER and she had to have a specialist look at it. For real! She was bleeding and everything. The consensus is, we’re never letting Matt Barr dance anymore. “

Tisdale took the injury well and didn’t blame Barr for his two left feet. “I don’t know if I pulled it off or not, but I worked pretty hard on it,” Barr says. “We were directed by Debbie Allen, so the stuff looks great, anyway.”

Marti’s perfectly choreographed dream is spurred by the increasingly awkward love-square situation developing between her, Dan, Savannah, and Lewis. Last week’s episode, in which Dan and Marti finally acted on long-buried feelings despite being involved with other people, threw us for a loop. The best love triangles are the ones where you can’t choose a side, so we’re pretty impressed that we still can’t decide whether Dan would be better off with Marti or Savannah.

Barr is having the same trouble when it comes to decision-making. “My instinct is to say that Dan should be with Marti. You can’t deny your soulmate in life. There’s a fate there,” he says. “But in the moment, I like him with Savannah. I like how they’re growing and how they complement each other. I can see them having children, you know? Having a real long-term future.”

Don’t worry, “Hellcats” fans – Patch babies won’t be happening in the near future. There will, however, be a Patch wedding.

“Dan’s brother is going to be getting married soon,” Barr reveals, “so that’s going to bring together Dan’s family and I think we’ll get a chance to see that whole dynamic there.”

But will Savannah or Marti be his date? We told Barr that we were surprised that Dan didn’t come clean to Savannah about his steamy make-out session with Marti. “I totally agree,” he says. “What is he thinking? But Dan’s such an honest, authentic guy, that he’s going to make a decision pretty soon. It’s not like him to play both sides.”

Which side does he choose? All Barr will say is this: “He sort of follows his heart. He knows what he wants and he’s already kind of got the ball rolling. He’s going to finish what he started, whether it ends well or not.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie