tvpartywo31.jpgSave the cheerleader, save the law student. Now that Heroes is no longer on television, we’ve found a new show that fulfills all of our cheerleader needs – Hellcats, airing Wednesdays on The CW. It seems Marti (Aly Michalka) lost her law-school scholarship and now must supplement it with one for cheerleading, leaving all of us to wonder what the sidelines of courtrooms will look like in the future. So if you love the thought of litigation that includes a halftime dance routine, call your friends and neighbors because we’re throwing a Hellcats party!

Setting the scene:
If we’ve learned anything from our love of Hellcats, it’s that Lancer University has some pretty amazing students. Juggling law school with competitive cheerleading is exactly how Eliot Spitzer got to where he is today, so be sure to have tumbling mats, stunt steppers, leg stretchers, pompoms, megaphones and enough cheerleading uniforms to outfit Lindsay Lohan’s defense team. Add some Lancer University pennants and a wall of lawbooks to create the ambience. You’ll also need to fill the room with ab workout equipment because the Hellcats all have abs of steel. Buy an Ab Circle Pro, an Aeromat balance pod and an Altus ab swing. Invitations should be e-mails containing a new Hellcats dance routine you created on the show’s website using a photo of each guest. Party favors can be Ab Rollers, pompoms and copies of Cheerleading and the Law: Risk Management Strategies. Yep, it’s official; there’s a book about everything.

Guests should come as Hellcats, so encourage them to visit to find the perfect outfits.

On the menu:
Nothing says LSAT and high clasps like mozzarella sticks and deviled eggs. Add quesadillas and a nice tray of lasagna (pronounced Law-sagna) – everyone will want to hit the trampoline.

On the hi-fi:
The show has a great playlist on its website and you can pick songs from Rihanna to Brokedown Cadillac. You might also choose more themed selections such as Lawyers in Love by Jackson Browne, One Million Lawyers by Tom Paxton, Let’s Dance by David Bowie and That’s Not My Name by the Ting Tings.

The showstopper:
Law school seems hard, so why not just buy tickets to some cheerleading competitions around the country? This week there are three competitions – in Pittsburgh, Topeka, Kan., and Sacramento, Calif. – that are going to be so totally awesome you’ll flip. Or do a cartwheel. Or a split. You choose.

Posted by:Michael Korb