this season. Things seemed really different than they had previously. All the chefs looked competent, all the food looked delicious, and there wasn’t one bad word said by Gordon Ramsay. Yeah… right.

Nope, it was business as usual and incompetence abounded this week. Did you really expect anything else?

The challenge tonight focused on the chef’s timing (and lack thereof), with three dishes having to be cooked by each kitchen over the course of 18 minutes. The catch was that only one chef could be in the kitchen at any time and each chef only had 6 minutes. On the handoff from one chef to the next, the chefs had 15 seconds to talk to each other about what where things stood.

It was a great idea, a challenge I don’t recall having seen in the past, and I really liked it. Or, I liked what we saw of it, because the 18 minutes was hugely condensed and one couldn’t get a good sense of which chef did something they shouldn’t have. Sure, the chefs did a lot of talking to the camera after the fact about how the other ones messed up, but that’s not so much proof as redirecting blame.

The best thing to come out of the challenge, by far, was yet another ludicrous comment by Jen. Upon Ramsay telling her that the scallops she cooked were raw, she looked into the camera (during her one-on-one) and said that she had no idea what Ramsay was talking about. She said that the scallops were perfectly cooked.

Does she think we actually would take her word over Ramsay’s? She can’t, can she? Add to that the fact that she didn’t put sauce on two of the three dishes (she had the anchor leg of the relay and so that fell to her) and it becomes even more obvious what her word is worth.

Oh don’t worry, it got worse. She refused to apologize for messing up with the sauce. She cost her team the win, but she refused to apologize. Does she actually think that with her attitude she could possibly be chosen by Ramsay at the end of the competition?

She certainly seemed to believe so tonight and she continued to try and bully her team when the chefs had to come up with their own menu for dinner service. Red actually worked really well together on their menu, but over at Blue it was "The Jen Show," and the rest of the team was ready to change the channel.

I have to admire Bobby, Louross, and Petrozza for not tearing into her. I would have, and while it would have been fun to do, it wouldn’t have gotten the team anywhere. It would have been like talking to a brick wall.

When the menus were presented, Ramsay hated Blue’s and, when asked, Louross said he wasn’t happy with it either. Ramsay was further perturbed to hear that it was about 60 or 70 percent Jen’s ideas. He actually thought so little of the menu that he made them redo it (and Jen thinks that she can win).

During dinner service, it wasn’t actually the menu on either side that was the problem, we heard no complaints about those at all. Mainly, the issue was Matt’s inability to cook the pappardelle appetizer. It was sent back repeatedly for everything from it being too salty to being undercooked to being bland. He was booted from the station and then proceeded to show he couldn’t cook vegetables either. Corey was ready to boot him from the kitchen, but opted to just kick him off veggies instead.

Now, I’m no big fan of Corey, but it was nice to see someone on Matt’s team boot him as needed. He ended up with the responsibility of cleaning up after the actual chefs and that seemed much more his speed.

On the other side, to be fair, things weren’t great tonight either. Louross couldn’t be bothered to cook steak and sent more than a few out of the kitchen nearly raw. It was Jen though who was told to stop cooking after trying to serve a raw soufflé. She again, somehow, said it wasn’t her fault. She was working on the dessert station. The soufflé was a dessert. She was the one who was supposed to cook the soufflé. She was the one who brought the soufflé to the pass to be served. How was it not her fault? The woman is clearly delusional.

Blue ended up on the losing side tonight and Petrozza was given the task of nominating people for elimination. He put up Louross and Jen, kind of an obvious pair of choices, but, the right ones too. Approving of Petrozza’s nominees, Ramsay gave Petrozza the responsibility of actually firing someone as well.

Some may take that as a sign that Ramsay really likes Petrozza. I disagree. I think it means that Ramsay hated both Jen and Louross to such a degree that he couldn’t care less which one actually left. Petrozza chose Louross, Ramsay agreed, sent Louross packing, and then yelled at both Matt and Jen for the exact reasons we’ve previously discussed (gross incompetence and terrible attitude).

He then sent Matt and Jen back to their original teams. I can’t imagine that it will make much of a difference in terms of their competence levels. It may lead to more fighting and yelling, but not more competence. We’ll find out next week.

Other tidbits and tidpieces:

  • Corey suggested that Matt might be better as a used car salesman than a chef. She’s right, but let’s face it, Matt might be better at a lot of things than being a chef.
  • Petrozza complained that Louross didn’t speak up about not liking Jen’s menu. But, neither did Bobby who hated it, and Petrozza himself, who I can’t imagine liked it.
  • How funny was Ramsay throwing Jean-Phillipe into the water at the beach? Ah, good times.

You know where else there are good times? Yup, The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews. Good call.

Posted by:Josh Lasser