hells kitchen nona 'Hell's Kitchen': Nona Sivley beats Russell Kook to win Season 8The Season 8 winner of “Hell’s Kitchen” has been announced. Congratulations to Atlanta’s Nona Sivley, whose low-drama, focused approach to the show’s high-pressure challenges has officially landed her the coveted gig as LA Market’s head chef, which comes with a $250,000 salary. Sweet.

After a helicopter tour of L.A., the finalists landed at the J. W. Marriott, where they found their first challenge: to prepare 5 dishes in one hour. Russell Kook won this round, but Nona was determined not to concede too early. Later, they divided their eliminated cast mates into teams to perform an elaborate dinner service in Hell’s Kitchen. They had to not only prepare menus, but also manage their often difficult teammates and keep an eye on every dish being served.

FOX calls this season’s “Hell’s Kitchen” the “most combative season yet,” and they’re not wrong – but the fact that Nona managed to avoid most of the drama is what helped her prevail. Russell’s exit interview showed his true colors as he blamed his team for his struggles in the kitchen, despite Gordon Ramsay giving him props for a job well done… just not as well done.

What do you think, Zappers? Did Nona deserve the win or should it have gone to Russell?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie