gordon ramsay hells kitchen 'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Happy Anniversary, You Bunch of [Censored]A super-serious voiceover tells us that over 100,000 chefs have tried out for Hell’s Kitchen and over 10,000 customers have been served, some of whom didn’t even get salmonella. There have been a hundred and thirty-two hopefuls who have walked through the doors for the privilege of being screamed at by Gordon Ramsay, and only an elite nine have tasted victory.

And now Ramsay is putting his reputation on the line because this is the tenth season, and that means we get lots of quick cuts and highlights that promise us loads of physical violence, because there’s nothing we love more than watching sweaty people in a kitchen swearing at and pushing each other. “Get ready for a throwdown! Hoedown! No holds barred showdown! On the most intense season of Hell’s Kitchen ever!” To emphasize the point, a hunk of meat on a grill explodes. Can’t wait for next season! The eleventh season is the homicide season!

The Hell’s Kitchen motorcade makes its way through the streets of Vegas, carrying Dana, 27, a chef instructor; Brian, 31, a personal chef (he’s here to “****ing destroy people”). There’s also Clemenza, 41, an executive chef. “I will do whatever it takes,” he says, including giving up his arm or a leg. I hope he’s talking about Hell’s Kitchen and not diabetes.

Sous-chef Scott greets them all, and personal chef Briana, 32, tells us she thinks she already has a crush on him. Scott says he told Ramsay he’d shave his head to work with him, and Scott thinks this is a great way to test the new chefs’ commitment. Sous-chef Andi brings in a barber chair, and saucier Danielle, 27, says this can’t be happening, and she’s also the first contestant we’ve seen not immediately dropping f-bombs.

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