gordon ramsay hells kitchen 'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Listen All Y'all, It's a Sabotage!After last night’s Elise fakeout, Ramsay banishes the teams from Hell’s Kitchen. Elise is soooo grateful to still be here, and says she’s going to step forward with her best foot, mangling two expressions for the price of one. “And I hope my team does too,” she adds.

The next morning, both teams commiserate, and Elizabeth promises not to have another apologygasm. Jennifer and Elise don’t look convinced.

The day’s challenge is about timing. One chef from each team will make a thirty-minute entr�e, one a twenty-minute, and one a ten, and they all have to hit the pass together. They’re given one minute to decide who’s going to cook what.

Tommy and Jennifer get to work first on their thirty-minute dishes, with Elise and Elizabeth yelling at Jennifer. “Shut the **** up! I need five freaking minutes to figure out what I’m doing,” she tells us. She snaps at her teammates at least a little more politely.

Paul and Will are likewise yelling help out to Tommy, who at least seems to appreciate it.

With twenty minutes left, Paul and Elizabeth go to work, with Paul, like your typical short man, promising to show us why he’s a big deal.

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